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The Pilot phase

The first C2D financed the first phase of the ACEFA Programme (2008-2012).

Approaches and methods were developed from previous experiences of providing support to professional agro-pastoral organisations, extension and counselling to family farm enterprises


These actions were implemented in 10 divisions of the 5 pilot regions including the Adamaoua, North, West, South-West, and South selected in keeping with criteria offering the most favourable terms and allowing for maximum impact on the population, namely:

  • the agro ecological partitioning of Cameroon which required that at least one region should be represented in each zone;
  • the dynamism of the farmer groups and sub-sectors retained in the PRSP;
  • the availability of State human resources;
  • the presence of banking structures;
  • opening of markets

Results of the pilot phase

  • Cost: 14.16 billion FCFA
  • 5 Regions covered
  • 10 pilot divisions with a new supportive counselling device
  • 237 Producer Group Counsellors accompanied 2650 groups
  • 27 PAO Management counsellors accompanied 153 PAOs
  • 20 Specialized technical counsellors in crop production and in animal production
  • 10 Farm Management counsellors followed up 450 Family Farm enterprises
  • 1 943 projects were funded for a total of 6 billion FCFA





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