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PLANOPAC, which was established in 2007, is the national body representing producers, recognized by the State, on matters relating to agricultural development, the development of the producer’s profession, his status and the improvement of his living conditions It is made up of representatives of regional platforms, subdivided into divisional bureaux to reach the producers at the grassroots; and a national bureau based in Yaoundé.

Its first elective ordinary General Assembly took place in November 2013. It allowed for the renewal of the governing bodies, in existence since creation. The executive bureau is mad up of twenty members, at the rate of two representatives per region. Its operation is directed by:

-An Executive Bureau

-A supervisory committee

-A Committee of Wisemen.


  1. Je souhaiterais rencontrer un membre responsable…
    Je réside à Douala et j’ai un projet de culture de champignons.


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