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Organization of the set-up

The supportive counselling device is organised at divisional level:
  • It is run by the Divisional Technical Unit accommodated within the divisional Delegation of MINADER or MINEPIA.
  • It is jointly managed on a parity basis by three representatives of producers and three representatives of the Ministries within the Divisional support counselling Committee (CODAC) whose role is to select beneficiaries, assess the supportive counselling service and direct its operation.
Beneficiaries of supportive counselling services Img-acefa0l
  • Producer Groups (PG) at the grassroots are followed up by producers Group Counsellors (CGP): an average of 30 Counsellors per divisions at the rate of 12 groups per counsellor.
A total of 1,740 counsellors are working with 220,000 producers or about 20% of family farm enterprises across the national territory.
  • Level 2 and 3 Producer organizations (Unions, Federations, cooperative societies) are followed up by organisation and management counsellors (CGOs):  1 counsellor per division working with 5 organisations.
A total of 58 counsellors working with 300 professional agro-pastoral organisations representing about 90,000 producers.
  • Family Agro-pastoral farm enterprises are followed up by farm management counsellors (CGE): 1 farm management counsellor per division working with 50-75 farm enterprises within the framework of an Observatory.
A total of 58 farm management counsellors working with 3000 farm enterprises.

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